FFR-K1 Kevlar Liquid Membrane Roof Coating

The Kevlar Waterproofing Adhesive Membrane (FFR-K1)

FFR-K1 (Final Flat Roof K1 product), is a flexible roof coating.

Skyrock Roof Coating

Skyrock Roof Coating

FFR-K1 Limited are the sole distributors for New Zealand and Australia. Please contact us for more information on this amazing product.It is a flexible multi-purpose Kevlar reinforced Thermo-Set designed to protect a variety of surfaces including asphalt, single-ply, PVC, TPO, rubber, concrete, foam, wood, and metal.

FFR-K1 is also suitable for coating petroleum-based surfaces such as tar or rubber cement. It is especially suited to applications where surface movement may defeat the protection of a rigid, non reinforced coating.

ffrk1-6This product can be installed in freezing conditions – no other roof product in the world can do this. It can also be applied in wet conditions, under water and cure in sub-freezing temperatures.

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